The AFT Story

How many of us decided to become a PT because we like admin?

Being a PT since 2004 our creator Todd Brodie, a former Professional footballer/soccer player turned S&C coach, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, started at work in 5 star hotels.

Deciding to give all guests and Heath Club members the opportunity for free health assessments, Todd began passing on folders post session. Results, health & fitness tips, recovery ideas. To give the clients something that was longer lasting and memorable than just the session in the hotel.

After endless paper work, printing endless forms, tip sheets, session plans, payment tracking and home training program's the idea of having all this in the palm of the hand and digital began to surface.

On a trip home on the plane from a game, Todd discovered a teammate who knew about the world of Apps and how to make this happen. To build an app, designed not for the general public, but for the trainer was Todds aim. The tens of thousands of PTs around the world that have endless paper trails, countless hours of unpaid admin to do at the end of each day, could now have all that taken care of with a simple to use trainer app.

So AFT-App for Trainers was born, and with it, the focus on revolutionalising an industry.

After all, how many people do you know that decided to become a Personal Trainer because they like admin?

Happy training'!