The AFT Mission

To lift the overall perception of personal training around the globe, improve customer service and satisfaction, increase trainer accountability and make life easier and more professional for the modern PT.

Our Goal

To have the AFT the trainers choice of app across the globe. To be the world leader in apps for trainers and revolutionise how we as trainers run and look after our business.

'We didn't become trainers because we like admin but to survive, prosper and succeed we need to run our business' and serve our customers with the utmost professionalism and diligence'

The AFT provides the opportunity to not only run your PT business digitally and in real time, erasing all non paid admin hours, but it also allows us to raise our customer service by giving more back to those that matter most-our clients.

To serve is to put our customers first. To keep them coming back for more we need to constantly stay above the bar of minimal expectation that our customers have. Touch them even when they are not with us, guide and teach them even when they're not in front of us.

The AFT counters any thought that training on ones own is anywhere near as good as training with a health professional.

The question that we have to ask ourselves is 'how are we running our PT business, and is what we are doing the best, most efficient, cost and time effective way of doing things'.

'Empowering todays trainers for tomorrow's clients'
Todd Brodie-AFT Creator