Store client profiles, health assessments, notes & payments


Achieve even more, with AFT Pro

Upgrade your AFT experience and start accomplishing even more with unlimited access to all AFT Pro's features

Manage Groups

Track attendance, payments, set programs & store profiles and results

Aft manage group

Customise Programs & Exercises

Customise from over 150 exercises or use one of the 30 built in beginner,intermediate,or advanced programs

Sync with Clients

All profiles, health assessment results, scheduled sessions & programs can sync with your individual clients. Touch them even when your not with them with the AFT+

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What trainers say about AFT

“AFT has made a huge difference to my business and new job because it's everything I've been looking for to help me save time, effort and look as professional as possible to my clients and my colleagues. It helps me track, show and provide my clients with the confidence and knowledge that what they're doing in the gym is working and with this app, it puts the proof at their fingertips.”

NF-Melbourne, Australia based PT

Pricing & Plans

You must first download the free app before you can subscribe to AFT Pro

  • Up to 10 Client Profiles
  • Complete Core features*
* Core features including Complete Health Screening Assessments, Progress Graphs, Notes, Payment Tracking & Invoicing



$1.99 per week


$1.67 per week


$1.40 per week
  • Unlimited Client Profiles
  • Complete Core features*
  • Pro Features⁺
  • Syncs to Clients AFT+ app

* Core features including Complete Health Screening Assessments, Progress Graphs, Notes, Payment Tracking & Invoicing

Pro features including Complete Program Section, 25 built in Program Templates, over 150 exercises to choose, Groups Section including Assessments, Calender Synchronisation

$1.99 per week
3 Months
$1.67 per week
$1.40 per week
Core Features
Client ProfilesUp to 10Unlimited
Health Assessments
Progress Graphs
Payment Tracking
Sync Features
Sync with Clients AFT+-
Schedule & Calendar Sync-

Trainers FAQ

Up to 10 complete profiles can be stored & saved. This includes Needs analysis, PAR-Qs, complete health assessments , notes, payments tracking incl. invoicing, discounts on all AFT national & international partner products & courses.
Simply go to the apple App Store and search 'AFT'
All AFT users data is stored in state of the art servers in Australia. All data is secured and only accessible by AFT & our users who have the correct log in details for your own stored client data. See our Privacy Policy for more information surrounding the storage & use of AFT data.
Yes, as long as you have your log in details, you can access your data/account on any apple smartphone.
You can request or retrieve your password simply by pressing the 'forgot password' button & can change your password by simply pressing 'change password'
AFT Free does not, however the AFTPro & AFT+ sync
No. Your notes taken & stored can only be seen on your log in. You can email a note if you wish by simply pressing the 'email' icon in the notes section.
Simply go to the Contact Us page. A Team AFT member will contact you soon after.
Yes, in your AFT app you can upgrade by either pressing the 'upgrade to AFTPro now' button on your log in screen or when you try to access areas 'GROUPS', 'CALENDAR', 'PROGRAMS'
Yes, using your same username and log in details you can access your data on your AFTPro
Yes the AFT in order to store and save your data entered, must be online so such information can be saved to the AFT servers.
Yes, all AFT users whether AFT,AFTPro or AFT+ have access to our national and international partners.
Most importantly the syncing between trainer app AFTPro & your clients app AFT+. - Health assessments, progress graphs, Programs & exercises all connect.
  • Over 150 built in exercises,
  • Over 25 built in program templates for beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  • Calendar syncing to your smartphone & clients AFT+,
  • Groups section including assessments, programs & class attendance
Whichever client decides to have their own AFT+ app can see the profile and goals you have made for them. All health assessments, programs, and booked sessions. Those in your 'Groups' classes can also sync to you.
Yes, in order for your data entered into your app to be saved and secure, & to sync to your clients AFT+ apps you need to have Internet connection so our AFT servers may save your data & connect.
Only you who has your own personal log in details.
In short they can't unless you show them on your own device. This encourages your clients to download their very own FREE AFT+ app therefore connecting with you and allowing you access to them even when they're not with you.
Yes, providing it is an Apple smartphone. At present tablets are not being pursued as we feel trainers & clients find it much easier and practical using and holding a smartphone instead.
Yes, all AFT users whether AFT,AFTPro or AFT+ have access to our national and international partners.