It's like having your Personal Trainer in your pocket.

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Sync with your Personal Trainer and get more out of your personal training session.

Tailored Workout Drills

Always wanting to do the drill you did at the PT session again by yourself? Sync the program your PT has created just for you and follow the easy step-by-step guide. It’s like having your Trainer in your pocket.

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Track your Progress

Your latest results for BMI, W/H ratio & Total Skinfolds are graphed and shown in your own AFT+ app.

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Your Health Record

Keep all of your health assessments in one place. Progression graphs along with your complete health screening results can be seen in your very own app.

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What People say about AFT+

“AFT has made a huge difference to my business and new job because it's everything I've been looking for to help me save time, effort and look as professional as possible to my clients and my colleagues. It helps me track, show and provide my clients with the confidence and knowledge that what they're doing in the gym is working and with this app, it puts the proof at their fingertips.”

NF-Melbourne, Australia based PT


All Clients of personal trainers
Your personal trainer/health professional, on their AFTPro app records and save all of your training data. Such as programs, health assessments and more. This data syncs under each clients specific profile to the AFT+ app. Under that same email address saved in the clients profile on AFTPro, the client can access all of this data on their AFT+ client app
Simply go to the apple App Store and search AFT+.
The AFT+ syncs to your trainers AFTPro app. Your complete profile, goals, booked sessions all health assessments, programs and exercises.
Yes, as long as you have your log in details.
Simply press 'forgot password' and Team AFT will email you your password to the address you used as your username
Your Personal Trainer can now instruct, lead & guide you outside of your paid session. Your programs & exercises designed by your PT you can now see not on a piece of paper but on your smartphone. It's like having your PT in your pocket!
Yes the AFT in order to store and save your data entered, must be online so such information can be saved to the AFT servers.
Yes, all AFT users whether AFT,AFTPro or AFT+ have access to our national and international partners.